Google Translate, DeepL Translator, Bing Translator, Yandex Translate, Systran Translation and IBM Translator provide free, automatic, online translation to and from English, Greek, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Bulgarian, Bulgarian, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, German, Italian, Romanian and many other languages.

  • DeepL Translator DeepL Translator is a cutting-edge neural machine translation service that provides highly accurate and natural-sounding translations. It supports multiple languages and is known for its quality and speed.
  • Google Translate Google Translate is a widely-used machine translation service by Google. It offers translations for a vast number of languages and provides both text and speech translation capabilities.
  • Bing Translator Bing Translator powered by Microsoft, offers translation services for a variety of languages. It features text and speech translation and is integrated with Microsoft Office applications.
  • IBM Translator IBM Translator is part of the IBM Watson Language Translator service. It offers machine translation capabilities and is known for its accuracy and language support.
  • Yandex Translate Yandex Translate is a translation service provided by Yandex, a Russian tech giant. It supports multiple languages and offers translations with examples and context.
  • Systran Translation ystran Translation is a language technology company that provides translation solutions. It offers machine translation, language identification, and custom translation models.
  • Reverso Translator Reverso Translator is a versatile online translation tool that provides accurate translations for a wide range of languages. With its user-friendly interface, offers text and document translation services, as well as language learning resources. It's a valuable resource for individuals looking to bridge language gaps and improve their language skills.
  • Explore Online Translators and Dictionaries - Your Language Resource Hub. Discover a world of language with our collection of online translators and dictionaries. From DeepL Translator to Oxford Dictionary, find the tools and references you need for accurate translations and word meanings. Translate your text from one language to another, such as English to Greek and vice versa, instantly, online and for free. The best online dictionaries.
  • Journey through online translators and dictionaries - your gateway to language resources. Explore a universe of languages with our range of online translation tools and dictionaries. Whether it's Google Translate or the Cambridge Dictionary, you'll discover the resources required for precise translations and word definitions. Easily convert your text between languages, such as English to Greek and back, instantly, online and at no cost. Access to the best online dictionaries.
  • Enter the world of online translators and dictionaries - your hub for language knowledge. Explore a realm of languages through our collection of online translation services and word references. Whether it's Bing Translator or the Collins Dictionary, you'll find the essential tools for accurate language translation and word interpretation. Quickly translate your text between different languages, including English to Greek and vice versa, all online and free. Access world-class online dictionaries.
  • Panhellenic Association of Professional Translators Graduates of the Ionian University Connect with professional translators for efficient, confidential document translation in Greece. Ideal for individuals and businesses expanding internationally, our network covers diverse fields like medicine, technology, finance, and tourism.
  • Certified Translators Explore the database of accredited translators listed in the Register of Certified Translators of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In this register you can find certified translators who specialise in translating official documents from foreign languages into Greek and vice versa. These qualified translators work as independent professionals. If your private documents are validated or certified, you can have them professionally translated and authenticated.

Find the definition, meaning, synonyms, antonyms, grammar, spelling, pronunciation, sound, sentence examples, word origins with the largest and most trusted free online Oxford English dictionary, Cambridge English dictionary, Collins dictionary, Merriam-Webster dictionary, and WordReference dictionary.

  • Oxford Dictionary The Oxford Dictionary is a prestigious resource that provides definitions, meanings, and pronunciations of words. It is known for its accuracy and authority in the English language.
  • Cambridge Dictionary The Cambridge Dictionary is a reliable source for English language learners. It offers definitions, examples, and clear explanations of word meanings.
  • Collins Dictionary Collins Dictionary is a well-respected resource for English language reference. It provides comprehensive definitions, synonyms, and translations.
  • Merriam-Webster Dictionary Merriam-Webster is a prominent American dictionary known for its in-depth word definitions and thesaurus features. It's a valuable resource for English language enthusiasts.
  • WordReference Dictionary WordReference is a popular online dictionary and translation resource. It offers word definitions and translations across multiple languages, making it a versatile tool for language learners.
  • Macmillan Dictionary Macmillan Dictionary is a user-friendly resource that provides word meanings, synonyms, and language insights. It's a practical tool for understanding the English language.